Why YOU Should Consider a Drain Warranty and NOT A Home Warranty


People are really excited about our new 12 month drain warranty program here at Drain Help San Diego. It’s going to start on November 1st but already we have customers calling us asking if we can start sooner. However, I should say that many customers want to learn more about the program first and how exactly does it work? For example, does it compare to a home warranty program? After all, home warranties cover most stuff inside the home including clogged drains and other plumbing repairs. BUT, for those of you with experience, you know very well that using a home warranty for any type of issue can be a hassle let alone calling them for an emergency.

You see, home warranty companies are not drain cleaning companies. They rely on drain techs, like us. So what happens is, you call your home warranty company (take your pick) and tell them your main line is clogged and you can’t use any of your toilets. They may treat it as an emergency, which it in fact is, but they cannot control how soon a plumbing business they call will go out there. One other thing they can’t control is whether a plumber actually picks up the phone or even accepts the call. Many times, customers are left waiting for days before a plumber will show up at their home. Here’s another one, what if snaking does not work? Many warranty companies will send another company out, and then if that doesn’t work, they will finally approve jetting. What a hassle, really.
To make my point easier of why you should consider our 12 month warranty program for your drains and use it in addition to your home warranty or to replace your home warranty program see this list below:


Home Warranty Programs

1. Charges you around $60-$75 per call
2. They will not guarantee you same day service
3. They are difficult to get a hold of after hours
4. They don’t always approve jetting
5. They won’t approve a camera unless you really need it

Drain Help’s 12 Month Drain Warranty

1. Charges you $30 per call
2. We will guarantee you same day service, unlimited amount of calls per year
3. We work 24/7 every single day of the year.
4. Jetting is included with our warranty
5. Camera inspections and line locations are included with our warranty
You can always call us to get more information about this program. Many of you know that one call alone can cost you $585 to clear your drain. Well that is the cost of our 12 month warranty program. Home Warranty programs are terrible when it comes to your clogged drains, we should know, we work with many of them as their contractors.
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