San Diego Sewer Line & Strom Drain Tree Root Damage 

If you have a tree root problem in your sewer line we understand that this can be a frustrating situation. Roots will cause constant backups and can crack or collapse cast iron pipes.

If you have clay pipes then the roots may be coming from the joints. If you snake a cast iron pipe with roots you will most likely cause more damage to the pipe with the snake because of the mechanism of the cable. You may be able to chop off the roots but you will damage the pipe further. That can be true even for clay pipes. The other option you have is jetting. This is a better option as long as the plumber is using low pressure and gently removes the roots. With this option, you will extend your time to actually repair the pipe which is the permanent solution. For clay pipes, hydro-jetting is your best solution.

Call our team of drain experts today to schedule a free on-site estimate to get rid of your tree roots once and for all. Watch the video below for a visual.