Top 5 Reasons to Dump Your Plumber!

Plumbers don’t always have the best reputation, however with the help of sites like Angie’s List and the very popular Yelp, plumbers these days try to stay on their very best behavior. Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong when a plumbing company has 5 star reviews online, follows up with you to make sure you were satisfied with the job he or she did, and makes you feel like you got a really good deal. Having said that, as a business owner in the plumbing business for over 10 years, I can spot a good service when I see one. Sadly, there really isn’t that many. But the great news is that there’s too many plumber anyhow, so you are bound to find a keeper. So if you want to keep your plumber on speed dial, make sure his or her company do not have a reason to be dumped. The list below is of the top 5 reasons to dump your plumber NOW, and find yourself a better one.

1. Your plumber doesn’t work 24/7.

Now I am not suggesting that your favorite technician has to work around the clock 365 days a year, but his company better! Look, plumbing is just not 9-5. If someone wants to be a plumber or better yet, own a plumbing company, they better provide emergency service. So yes that means the company must have on call plumbers that can service you at any time of the day. Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time.

2. Your plumbing service is not local.

Unless you want to pay a trip charge, find yourself a plumber that is close by and does not charge you just to come look at the problem because he or she lives too far from you. Many companies keep plumbers in all parts of San Diego county for example, so that they can service all areas. There is no sense in calling a North County plumber for your Chula Vista home. Not to mention, it will take him/her a long time to arrive.

3. Your plumber does not provide same day service

Excuse me? You don’t have any open spots until next week? NEXT! I cannot understand why some people are willing to wait for a plumber even 1 day. If your problem cannot wait, you are better off not waiting. A good plumbing service will send someone to your home the same day even if it’s late. That is how you know if your plumber is a hard worker or not.

4. Your plumber has less universially poor online reviews.

Yes, online reviews are super important. For example, my company works really hard for our 5 star reviews. Why should you expect any less? So after you do your Google search and find a plumber, look up the business on Yelp, Google Reviews, Home Advisor, Angie’s List etc.  If their reviews are less than 4 stars, especially 3 or less, be very cautious! They could just be new plumbing company or one that doesn’t manage their online presence. However, they could easily be a terribly managed company.

5. Your plumber won’t provide you with any prices over the phone.

That is just shady. I see so many plumbing companies turn customers away and refuse to answer logical questions about pricing. Why is it so hard to inform the customer what your starting point is and if you charge hourly or a flat fee? Well, you deserve to know how the pricing works and get a ball park figure over the phone. Why hire someone you won’t be able to afford and waste your time? Hire a no nonsense plumber.