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Whenever your toilet fails to function properly, an underlying plumbing issue is at work. Many are unaware of the various problems that can lead to clogged toilets, which is why we help to educate our customers on the proper ways to care for their systems and signs that it may be time to contact our plumbers for service. Additionally, our unrivaled $77 drain cleanings are offered 7 days a week to ensure the continued efficiency of your plumbing.

Aside from blockages, toilets can undergo both exterior and internal damage. Issues with your toilet can go from a minor inconvenience to an emergency repair in just a short period of time. So it is important to get in touch with the fast and affordable team at right away in order to circumvent more serious and potentially hazardous plumbing complications.

When do you need to replace a toilet?

Toilets are susceptible to certain cosmetic and functional problems as they age. Cracks in the tank can indicate that there are other issues that haven’t been detected yet. Signs of discoloration or condensation on the unit will likely necessitate the need for a new toilet. If the unit is leaking, replacement may be the only option. Even the smallest leaks can lead to intense flooding and subsequent damage to your property. You will also notice a significant increase in your monthly utility bills. Older toilets naturally use more water than newer units, which is why we usually recommend a replacement after ten years. Additionally, if you are looking to remodel your bathroom the installation of a brand-new toilet will certainly help to improve the aesthetics of your room.

What causes clogs?

Clogs are a common plumbing problem. Addressing the issue as soon as possible will protect your piping from long-term damage. Accumulated waste is one of the leading causes of toilet clogs. Non-flushable items like sanitary napkins, cotton balls, and even certain types of toilet paper can become lodged in your system leading to a number of complications.

Tree roots that have found their way into your pipelines will make it more difficult for waste and fluids to be transported properly. Sewer line and septic system problems will contribute to a buildup of sewage, resulting in multiple toilet backups. Clogging in the main drain will also affect the performance of the entire system.

What are some professional toilet clog solutions?

Hydro-jetting is one of the most effective drain cleaning methods used to preserve and protect your piping. During the process, high-pressure water is sprayed through your system to completely dislodge plants, bushes and any other materials that have disrupted the proper use of your pipelines. Accumulated waste in the septic tank is another factor that will ultimately contribute to blockages. When performed annually septic pumping will remove any solids that have accumulated in your tank.

How can you avoid future clogs?

Clogging is a frustrating plumbing problem, but it can usually be prevented by taking certain precautions. Toilet clogs can be avoided by monitoring what is being flushed down the drain. Using a plunger to unclog your unit can provide a temporary fix in certain situations, but it is still important to schedule regular drain cleanings with our team of professionals. Getting a bidet attachment installed will greatly reduce the need for toilet paper and paper wipes which contribute to clogs. Try using less toilet paper and flush your system more than once if need be. When changes are noticed in the toilet’s performance, it may be time to consider replacing it altogether. Contacting an expert to assess any minor clogging problems will help to ensure the continued efficiency of your toilet.

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