San Diego and Los Angeles Storm Drain Cleaning Services

Searching for incomparable San Diego and Los Angeles storm drain cleaning services? Contact the specialists at at (844) 372-4643. For discounts and savings, click here. is here to help with any storm drain, outdoor drain, patio drain, rain drain, French drain, gutter drain cleaning need you may have if you are in San Diego or Los Angeles County. One of the main reasons your storm drain backs up is due to dirt, mud and roots. We DO NOT recommend using snakes or rooter machines to clear your drain because when you use these with blades, you almost always damage pipes especially if you have a root intrusion. What happens is the blade forces the pipe while pulling the roots and it can pull your pipe as well.

We recommend using a hydro jetter machine to clean the pipes. This is what many of our customers in Los Angeles and San Diego choose to do. See our article on San Diego and Los Angeles Living Magazine here for more information.

Our trained drain techs/plumbers are always a call away. We work 24 hours a day 365 days a year to take care of your outdoor drains and storm drain problems. Now that the El Nino storm is coming, this information comes in handy. We have been writing extensively about this and why it is so important to clear and unclog your drains now before the storm creates unnecessary expenses due to possible damages to your home.

For expert storm drain cleaning services at unbeatable prices, contact the professionals at Call us today at (844) 372-4643.