San Diego Sewer Pipe Relining

The Epoxy Route

Too many San Diego residents struggle to pay their bills, let alone fix their sewer lines. However, plumbing is one of those things that you don’t truly understand it’s importance until you don’t have it. I spent a summer living in rural China, and although the experience forever changed me, it was really tough to deal with their plumbing. Once I came back home, believe me I had to hug my tub!

So what happens when you wake up in the middle of the night and your toilet is overflowing? or there’s feces all over your shower and bubbling noises as well? Well, you call a plumber of course. If you have the luck of having a reliable plumber pick up the phone and actually come out to your home, you are good! So he shows up and determines that the only way to repair this problem is to dig up your yard and replace those old cast iron pipes with ABS plastic pipes. That’s going to hurt your pocket, right?

Nevertheless an investment in your plumbing is always a great investment and well worth it. The good news is that these days we have better alternatives. ALTHOUGH EPOXY PIPE LINING DOES NOT WORK IN EVERY SITUATION, it does work in many and it is not only cheaper than digging all over your front yard, it is more common now to go this route.

Many plumbing companies in San Diego have to sub out this service because they lack the equipment and training to do the work themselves. Here at Drain Help we are proud to have all of our pipe lining equipment and can get the work done ourselves. Our techs have received extensive training in Anaheim, CA and are ready to speak to you today about your pipe lining needs.

The best part of all of this are of course, our prices. Because at the end of the day, you just like anyone else, you want to save a little cash. At this time, we are offering our pipe lining services at $77 a foot (not including material). Just to give you an idea, most plumbing companies charge well over $150 a foot. We are able to offer such great rates because we will do the pipe lining in house. WE CAN ALSO PROVIDE YOU WITH REFERENCES of past customers that got their pipes lined by us so you can speak to them as well.

I am sure you still have lots of questions, so chat with us now, schedule your free in home quote and our awesome team of drain experts will take the time to explain how everything is done and give you a price today.

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Written By: Monika Tuncbilek