What Is San Bidet Go! About?

Drain Help and Boss Bidet are proud to announce the launch of The San Bidet Go! Challenge today! The challenge is a non-profit campaign to raise awareness of bidet attachment technology in San Diego, CA. Drain Help and Boss Bidet plan on sponsoring restrooms with bidets throughout San Diego County to accomplish this goal.

We would like to encourage business owners to visit our campaign page to learn more about the challenge and bidet attachment technology. You can also sign up to participate in San Bidet Go! on our campaign page. To qualify for a free bidet installation, your business must have a toilet with a tank or water supply hose.

We also would like to encourage every residential homeowner to get a bidet installed as well. You can visit our bidet services page to learn more about pricing and details for installations.

San Bidet Go! Challenge Drain Help

What are the benefits of attachable bidets?

  • Can prevent toilet clogs
  • Cuts toilet paper usage by 90%
  • Save hundreds a year on toilet paper and water costs
  • They’re self-cleaning
  • More eco-friendly than low flow toilets
  • Saves time using restroom
  • More hygienic than toilet paper
  • Fully reversible modification
  • Takes 30 minutes to install
  • Can help with elderly and people with poor mobility
  • Relieves hemorrhoid discomfort

Why Get a Bidet?

There are numerous great reasons to get a bidet. For starters, saving money on toilet paper, wet wipes, and plumbing costs will more than pay for an attachable bidet over the course of a year. A plumbing visit to snake your drain can cost you hundreds of dollars depending on the plumber. Reducing your bath tissue usage with a bidet can prevent such costs.

Bidet attachments also offer a substantial improvement in bathroom hygiene. Touching dirty toilet paper will be a thing of the past! Increasing bathroom hygiene is critical for the food and beverage industries. And attachable bidets offer every business an affordable way to improve their employee’s hygiene. They also save people time while using the restroom, which means business owners can expect to save on labor as well.

Bidets Are Eco-Friendly

Both business owners and home owners can be confident in knowing that they are helping reduce carbon emissions by adopting bidet technology. The environmental impact left behind by toilet paper costs the earth almost 10 million trees a year. 88,000,000 lbs of greenhouse gases are generated to make the 34,000,000 rolls of toilet paper that Americans use every year. 225,000,000 gallons of fresh water are used every year to manufacture toilet paper products. Bidet attachments can reduce the amount of paper used for going to the bathroom by up to 90%, saving valuable natural resources in the process.

Bathroom Culture

Bidets are often described as “weird” by Americans, but this perspective is formed by the absence of the technology within American culture. Drain Help’s mission with the San Bidet Go! Campaign is to normalize the bidet within San Diegan culture. The history of toilet paper and American plumbing infrastructure has great influence over our cultural views of bidets. America developed the best indoor plumbing in the world, so we naturally continued our paper usage into modern times.

However, we wash every other part of our bodies, so why shouldn’t we do the same for the dirtiest part of our body? The difference in hygiene is like night and day, but seeing is believing. So that’s why we and Boss Bidet are looking to sponsor restrooms throughout San Diego with bidet attachments. Should you have any questions about upgrading your bathroom with an attachment, simply give us a call at 844-372-4643 or email us at and we’ll help you get started!