Monika Tuncbilek: from Plumbing Owner to Film Producer

EL CAJON, California, May 10th, 2016

Monika Tunçbilek,’s chief director, jumps to the big screen with a new film that will be released later this year before Christmas. The 27 year old entrepreneur/producer will face a new challenge, but this time in the world of cinema.

During a shot for the film at the mall, city of Progresso.

After having triumphed in the world of business with, a company which she started leading some years ago, Monika has chosen this time the big screen without neglecting the duties as a leader of her family business. On the film, she will be a part of the production, acting in some of the scenes along with two of her three children. The cast includes other actors like Juan Funes and Joel Lopez.

According to the anticipated success, it is being considered to take the film to other neighboring countries in Central America such as Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

The film, currently in production in the Honduras, tells the story of a group of families that are going to face a number of difficulties on Christmas Eve. In this hilarious comedy, ideal for a family afternoon, the protagonists will deal with situations never seen that will endanger the future of their holiday.

Release & Distribution

“Y los Tamales?” is the original name of the film will be released on 11/30/17 this year all over Honduras, entirely in Spanish.

We asked Monika about her experience and here’s what she said:

“I love Honduras due to the simple fact that my family is from there, especially San Pedro Sula, but it has had a bad reputation for a while. However, I see that things are changing and it is a great place to visit and do business. I frequently visit Honduras and I’m planning new projects in the near future. Of course, plumbing is my passion, but movies are and have always been something very special for me.”

In addition to her studies at San Diego State University, Monika studied film producing at the New York Film Academy for a short time, so as long as time permits it, she is dedicated to the world of cinema.

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