Monika Tuncbilek, CEO of DrainHelp, becomes member of the PHCC board of directors.

EL CAJON, California, June 8th, 2016.

After being elected by the active San Diego chapter members, DrainHelp’s owner Monika Tuncbilek is one of the three new candidates who will be part of the board of directors during this year. The San Diego State graduate will be the youngest member ever to take on this responsibility.

The mission of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling-Contractors Association is to ensure the future of the industry by providing training not only to the plumbing apprentices, but also to existing plumbers who want to continue with their education in the field. This method combines offline classes with real life working experiences (provided by the contractors of the PHCC).

On the the other hand, the Association members have access to the latest industry trends, becoming part of a “unique network of professionals who share ideas, standards and a passion for the industry.” Monika’s company offers free training to employees who want to learn new skills at the PHCC.

Other directors include John Horne of Black Mountain Plumbing and Ronny Perry of Perry Plumbing. All members will be attending the next June 25th 2016 Installation of Officers and Graduation Saturday, starting at 6pm at the Handlery Hotel in San Diego. Many PHCC members will be in attendance including Kelly Anderson of Anderson Plumbing, Nicholas Taylor of Russell Plumbing and Scott Ferrell of Black Mountain Plumbing.

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