Meet The Team

Monika Tuncbilek

“Drains have become my passion.”

Monika Tuncbilek graduated from San Diego State University and studied Media Studies and International Studies. She is a proud mother of 3 and loves to tutor her children 7 days a week. She is also fluent in 3 languages. Although she is still in her twenties, she is serious about becoming the NUMBER 1 drain company in San Diego. Aside from being an excellent wife and mother, she is just as good when running She rebranded her plumbing business in 2014 and has devoted every single minute of her time to making the company grow and impress our customers with our excellent customer service skills. She is currently working on her masters degree all while taking care of her customers. You can e-mail her at if you want to say hi or ask her any questions you may have.





Ali Tuncbilek

Drain Specialist
“I am THE sewer and drain expert in San Diego.”

Ali Tuncbilek has been plumbing for over 15 years and specializes in sewer and drain work. He is licensed by the state of California. He is originally from Turkey, and graduated from Gazi University in Ankara where he studied Political Science. He came to the USA in 1996 in search of the American Dream. A couple years later he started plumbing and the rest is history. Ali takes great pride in his work and as many already know, he truly works 24/7 and loves to do so. Some people just love to work, and he is one of them. We are truly blessed to have him with us. Not that Monika has much of a choice, after all they are married!






Evan Faiq

“I love talking to customers!”

Currently, Evan is a Masters student at National University pursuing her long term career of being a Forensic Expert. Her primary goal is to maximize and ensure customer satisfaction through organization of financial needs. Have any questions regarding payment statements/invoices? Not a problem, contact Evan at 1844-372-4643 or e-mail her at






Eddie Bautista

Lead Videographer
“I’m a student filmmaker who would like to show you how we take care of your drains.”

Eddie is the polite young filmmaker who you might have the pleasure of meeting during your job. He normally shoots videos that involve sewer repair work or at times customer testimonials on video. He is a student at Southwestern College who will be transferring to UCLA next year. He leads our team of young videographers every week to bring exciting videos for you to watch. His favorite video is the Drain Rap by young artist Selin Rain.






Bradley Tuncbilek

Drain Expert in Training
“I love helping my dad with any drain need.”

Bradley is a cute 8 year old who is learning the value of hard work with his dad a couple times a week. He is in third grade and loves to work and save his money. When he grows up, he wants to be a lawyer. His favorite shows on TV are Arthur and Curious George. He’s an avid reader and can speak a couple languages at his young age. On his spare time he likes to watch KPBS and just about any show that has to do with American history. Oh, did we mention that he can play the piano? Well, that too!