San Diego Main Sewer Line Drain Clog Services

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Drain Help is here to help with any main line clog need you may have if you are in San Diego County. Some of the main reasons your main line backs up have to do with root infestations, tampons, Kleenex, paper towels and baby wipes clogging the line. Also, if your main line backs up and then overnight or within a couple hours it is draining, you probably have a root problem. If it is not draining at all, then it is possible that too many feminine products were flushed in the line or any of the items listed previously.

If you have an older home with cast iron pipes, that is one likely culprit. Your pipe may be cracked and leaking underground. Many of our customers call us in San Diego with older pipes to replace them with ABS plastic pipes. However, if your pipes are clay, you may not have a crack even though you may have roots. These roots are coming from clay joints and they can be cleaned with our 4000 PSI sewer jetter.

Our affordable drain techs are always a call away. We work 24 hours a day 365 days a year to take care of your main line drain clog problems. We have been repairing and cleaning sewer lines for over a decade. You can count on our expertise around the clock throughout the county.

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