Grease Trap Jetting

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If you have a grease trap, then you know the importance of making sure it runs properly. Grease traps are an essential part of the restaurant and catering businesses so it is important to keep them maintained. Restaurant grease traps should be cleaned out properly in order to prevent future mishaps and DrainHelp.Com has the latest technology to do just that. Both of our locations in Los Angeles and San Diego have highly trained technicians that know how to operate the hydro-jetting machines in order to ensure you get the best cleaning.

What is a grease trap?

A grease trap is a common plumbing device found mostly in the restaurant business but can also be found in buildings that have cafeterias and/or a service kitchen. For example, hospitals, schools, and nursing homes all have grease traps as well. The purpose of a grease trap is to prevent fats, oils, and/or grease (FOG) to get into the sewer line. Essentially, a grease trap intercepts the solid and grease that comes from the kitchen in order to avoid the sewer line from clogging and backing up.

So how does a grease trap work?

The inflow (FOG, solids, water) from the kitchen travels down to the grease trap tank. Since the fats, oils, and grease are lighter than solids, the FOG floats on top of the water creating a thin line of scum.  With that said, once the solids enter into the tank, they fall to the bottom of the tank; leaving the water in the middle. From there, the water is filtered out again to eliminate the possibility of FOG and solids entering into the sewer line. After the water has been filtered a second time, it is then sent out to the sewer line.


How do you clean out the build up from fats, oils, grease, and solids?

The best option is through hydro jetting your grease trap. The water pressure from the hydro-jet will allow all the built up sludge be rendered free. Here at DrainHelp.Com, we have the necessary tools and experience to provide the best grease trap cleaning services in all of San Diego and Los Angeles. Our technicians know all the hydro jetting tricks to ensure every nook and cranny in the grease trap gets cleaned. PLEASE NOTE, OUR COMPANY DOES NOT PUMP OUT GREASE TRAPS. We only clean the inlet and outlet drain system.

Why should I clean out the grease trap?

Did you know that the grease trap that runs through the kitchen line is also connected to the bathrooms as well? Well if you didn’t then it is good you are reading this now. The kitchen line that is connected to the grease trap, eventually connects to the bathroom line. So if the grease trap gets enough build up, then depending how far down the line the clog is, your bathrooms can potentially get backed up as well. So in order to prevent clogs that can lead to other misfortunes, then it is important to clean out your grease trap with our hydro jetting services.

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