Gas Line Repair and Installation Services in San Diego

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A damaged gas line will eventually bring forth a leak, posing a threat to your home, health, and finances. Slow leaks can lead to unexplained illnesses, while more aggressive leaks can actually result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Other critical issues that can follow a punctured gas line are sudden fires or explosions, ruining your property and putting your loved ones at serious risk. At Drain Help our caring team wants to make sure that you are educated on the telltale signs that indicate a potential issue with your gas line, as well as the proper steps to take in the event of an emergency. It is our job to ensure the safety of our customers throughout San Diego.

What are some signs that your gas line needs to be repaired or replaced?

Your gas line runs underground, and the only visible areas are at the connection points. If your gas line becomes exposed, it will signal an imminent danger that should never be ignored. Gas lines can become exposed for a number of reasons including erosion, storm damage, and flooding.

Another strong indication that professional services are needed immediately is when you begin to notice patches of dying vegetation around your property. This signals an underground line leak that is killing your grass and plants. In both of these cases, replacement is essential to your family’s safety and to the structural integrity of your home.

Connection joints are visible at the entry points outside your home and by any gas-powered appliances. If you see that they are starting to corrode, professional services will be needed to help to replace or, otherwise, secure the line. It is also important to take into account the age of your gas lines. If your lines have been in place for twenty years or more, their integrity has been compromised by natural decay. Our experts can come out and replace the lines, restoring your peace of mind.

What are 3 signs that you have a gas leak?

  • Suddenly smelling a sulfuric odor reminiscent of rotten eggs in the air.
  • Your flame on your stove or water heater is red or orange instead of blue.
  • Hearing a hissing, whistling, or roaring sound around an appliance.

What should you do in the event of a leak?

The minute you suspect a gas leak, stop what you are doing and get everyone out of the house. A leak can cause a fire or explosion, but only if there is a spark, which is why you shouldn’t operate any appliances such as lights or cell phones, and never attempt to start your car. Leave everything ‘as is’ and call the experts at We know how to handle these dangers safely. If you suspect that your gas line needs repair, let us inspect your property. We’ll determine the extent of the leak, and we can alert you to any immediate safety or health threats.

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