DrainHelp.com Speaks to Fox 5 News San Diego About El Niño

DrainHelp.com Makes Splash on News Talking About El Nino

DrainHelp.Com’s Field Supervisor Don Bradley was the plumber who talked to Fox 5 about the importance of clearing out storm drains. He says it is important to get your drains clean before the bad weather from El Nino arrives. Over time, dirt, leaves, and debris can get stuck in the storm drains and if they are not properly cleaned out, then they will clog when it rains. If storm drains back up, then it can result in flooding in many areas which can then result to mudslides as well with the sudden rain hitting the soil.

However, in order to help San Diego prepare for El Nino weather, DrainHelp.Com recently issued a discount for hydro jetting storm drains. The deal which ends in November will be for $285, and will hopefully encourage the San Diego community to take the extra precautions before the rain comes and floods.

DrainHelp.com is a San Diego-based plumbing and drain cleaning company that is family owned. They have successfully established its plumbing and drain cleaning business over the years. It has been with great perseverance and endurance that DrainHelp.Com has been able to stay in business for over 10 years. With owner and President Monika Tuncbilek at the helm, DrainHelp.Com has been able to turn DrainHelp.Com into a successful website driven plumbing company.