Burbank, CA, October 12, 2015– San Diego based plumbing company DrainHelp.Com has opened a new location in Los Angeles, in hopes that their affordable prices will motivate Los Angeles residents to prepare for El Nino.

“We have helped and are continuing to help San Diego residents prepare for El Nino by offering a special discounted price for the month of October and November. Now we are extending our service area by opening up a new location in Burbank, so the residents in LA County can take advantage of our special storm drain cleaning price before the rain from El Nino floods in,” says Monika Tuncbilek, President of DrainHelp.Com. “We understand that this year and next year’s El Nino will be just as bad as the one from the 1950’s and our main concern is making sure that everybody is prepared for this storm in order to minimalize property damage and ensure public safety to Californian residents. One way we can assure this is done is by extending our special $300.00 drain cleaning price to LA residents as well.”

The County of Los Angeles may be preparing for a wet winter by clearing out the city’s storm drains, but simply cleaning out those storm drains is not enough. Residents in Los Angeles County need to take part in helping the city prepare for El Nino by taking care of their own storm drains as well. If residents don’t do their part and address their own storm drain, then the city of Los Angeles will most likely have a repeat of what happened during the time El Nino hit in the late 1990’s. The rain storms that hit in 1998 caused 17 deaths and a half a billion dollars in property damage; now researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are claiming that this El Nino will be stronger than the El Nino that hit in 1950. If the El Nino that hit California in 1998 created that much damage and havoc, imagine what an El Nino that is the worst on record can do.

Storm drains need to be cleaned, because if flooding occurs then other catastrophic events such as mud slides and rock slides can occur as well. Los Angeles needs to prepare for the worst, so the worst can be prevented. That is why DrainHelp.Com wants to do all it can to help its community prepare. The goal of DrainHelp.Com this El Nino season is to try to help reduce the number of casualties and property damage done to California this year and next year by flooding.

In addition to this, according to the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, Southern California has a 66% chance of being a more than normal wet winter. That is why we are doing all we can to get San Diego and Los Angeles County ready for El Nino—drain wise. Our $300 hydro-jetting storm drain cleaning offer ends on November 31, 2015. is a San Diego based plumbing and drain cleaning company that is family owned. Now they have a new location in Burbank in order to serve and help Los Angeles residents with their plumbing and drain cleaning needs. They have successfully established its plumbing and drain cleaning business over the years. It has been with great perseverance and endurance that DrainHelp.Com has been able to stay in business for over 10 years. With owner and President Monika Tuncbilek at the helm, DrainHelp.Com has been able to turn DrainHelp.Com into a successful website driven plumbing company.

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