Offers special hydro-jetting price for storm drain cleanings

San Diego, CA, September 8, 2015– Local plumbing company wants to help the community prepare for El Nino by offering a discounted rate on storm drain cleanings.

“With El Nino on our forefront, we want to help the San Diego Community take preventive measures that can reduce or halt the potential water damage this storm may cause. In fact, because El Nino is predicted to be so powerful, a simple snaking will not suffice and is not recommended. That is why DrainHelp.Com is offering to hydro-jet storm drains at the low price of $285.00 from a proper clean-out, until October 31, 2015.” –Monika Tunbilek, President of DrainHelp.Com

The rain that El Nino will bestow on California will be a blessing for our drought-stricken state, however, it will be a nightmare for Californian residents that live in areas that are prone to flooding. If flooding occurs, a series of catastrophic events may unfold. Such as mudslides and rockslides that can occur throughout San Diego County. Places that are prone to rockslides and mudslides during the rainy season should seriously consider cleaning out their storm drains to help prevent the flooding that may occur once El Nino hits. East County is the most susceptible when it comes to events like these, so it is important that they take all precautions necessary to reduce property damage and casualties.

Furthermore, since experts are predicting this El Nino to be the worst since the 1950’s it is imperative for this community to do all it can to not only protect their lives and properties, but also the lives of their neighbors and their neighborhood. So after making sure property owners have flooding insurance, the next step should be to clear their storm drains to ensure they don’t have to use that insurance come October and January when experts say El Nino will peak.

That is why DrainHelp.Com wants to do all it can to help its community prepare. The goal of DrainHelp.Com this El Nino season is to try to help reduce a number of casualties and property damage done to California this year. According to a technical report done in April 1998 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 17 people died and an estimated amount of $550 million in damages were recorded when El Nino hit its hardest back in February 1998. DrainHelp.Com knows it can’t prevent all the damage El Nino will bring, but we know that we can help limit the damage that will occur in San Diego County. That is why we are doing all we can to get San Diego ready for El Nino-drain wise. Our $285 hydro-jetting offer ends on October 31, 2015.

DrainHelp.com is a San Diego based plumbing and drain cleaning company that is family owned. They have successfully established its plumbing and drain cleaning business over the years. It has been with great perseverance and endurance that DrainHelp.Com has been able to stay in business for over 10 years. With owner and President Monika Tuncbilek at the helm, DrainHelp.Com has been able to turn DrainHelp.Com into a successful website driven plumbing company.

DrainHelp.com offers emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To reach DrainHelp.com’s professionals call 1-844-372-4643.

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