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Drain Help is here to resolve your plumbing emergencies 24/7 without overtime fees! No matter what issue you may be faced with, the specialists at DrainHelp.com are here to guarantee a rapid solution. From brand-new installations, professional drain cleanings, system maintenance, and drain repairs we are here to guarantee your complete satisfaction on every service. 

When do you need drain cleaning?

If water is no longer draining away quickly from your sinks, showers, and tubs this is a strong indication that professional drain cleaning services are needed. If the problem has started to extend beyond just one drain or one room this could indicate a severe clog deep within your system that can only be removed through professional means.

If you notice an unpleasant smell wafting around your drains, it could be that rotting food is stuck in your system or it may indicate a severe blockage in your sewer line. Frequent clogging is another problem that warrants the need for drain cleaning services. Lastly, if your drains start backing up with no resolution in sight, contact Drain Help right away for emergency services. Our unbeatable $77 drain cleanings are even offered after hours, so you never have to worry about higher prices during an urgent situation.

Why causes garbage disposals to break?

One of the most common problems we see is a jammed garbage disposal. This happens when harmful objects such as bones, a small kitchen utensil, or even eggshells fall deep into the disposal, which will stop the mechanism from turning. If your garbage disposal fails to turn on, it could be caused by a number of issues including a damaged motor or problems with the electrical wiring.

If your system is leaking it could be due to improper installation, a worn gasket, or a damaged casing. A final problem is a noisy system, which could be caused by a broken blade or another serious issue deep within the unit. If you are experiencing any of these problems, get in touch with us as soon as possible. We provide free quotes.

What are some benefits of professional hydro-jetting services?

With our professional hydro-jetting services, we will be able to remove even the toughest obstructions from your pipes and drains. By using an intense stream of pressurized water our plumbing specialists can blast through grease, tree roots, and even thick mineral deposits in no time at all. Hydro-jetting is also safe for your pipes; there is no chance of any damage to your system through the use of this service. Hydro-jetting is much different from other drain cleaning techniques that involve heavy chemicals or abrasive equipment. Our jetting services are also very affordable when compared to other options.

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