Put That Drano Bottle Down & Give DIY Plumbing a Shot

Consumers often spring for the quick fix when it comes to plumbing problems. Unfortunately, people often buy the wrong plumbing product for the job at hand. Liquid drain cleaners like Drano and Pure Lye Drain Opener can be bought cheaply anywhere and can sometimes provide satisfactory short-term results. However, Drano and other lye drain cleaning products can pose serious health problems and cause major property damage if used incorrectly.

If standard Drano is used in an attempt to unclog a toilet, it can actually cause your commode to crack. This issue happens because Drano heats up when dissolving the material that is clogging a drain. The reaction can continue for quite some time, which can eventually generate enough heat to crack a porcelain bowl. Not only can it destroy your toilet, Drano can produce toxic fumes if used with other drain cleaning products. There are many cases of drain cleaner burns that occur every year in America. Many of the burns have happened after frustrated homeowners poured Drano in their toilets and started to plunge in desperation, splashing lye in their faces by accident as a result.

So what is a person to do when presented with a drain clog? For starters, even Drano’s site recommends using a snaking tool or auger as the first line of defense. For bathtub and bathroom sink clogs, plumbing snake tools like the “Zip It,” are usually the best and cheapest options. These tools can be bought on Amazon and in home improvements stores for only a few dollars. For toilets, we recommend starting off with a flange toilet plunger and a rubberized toilet auger, which can also be bought online or in stores for $10 to $50 dollars. If these tools fail to clear up a clog after a few proper attempts, then we suggest using a natural enzyme drain cleaner like Bio-Clean and let it sit overnight.

If all else fails, then we highly suggest calling a plumber. DrainHelp proudly services all of San Diego City and the surrounding county, but if you are not in the area, we recommend contacting a licensed plumbing service that charges by the quote and not the hour.