San Diego Drain Snaking

How does drain snaking unclog your plumbing?

Our snaking process involves a power snake or auger that pushes a flexible metal rod through your drains until it reaches the clog. At this point, a drain cleaner will either break the stoppage up or pull it out using the tip of the snake. 

How much does drain snaking cost?

Our popular 24-hour drain snaking service in San Diego starts at only $77 with an accessible cleanout.

What is a cleanout? Learn more about this money-saving plumbing installation on our cleanout service page. Drain Help’s commercial drain snaking prices can be found on our commercial plumbing page.

The Drain Help Service Guarantee

Our plumbing company offers many benefits:

  • 24/7
  • No Extra Fees
  • Coupons
  • Great Warranties

We have the skills & rates for you.

Drain clogs can be caused by many different factors. Roots, hair, and food debris are many of the common troublemakers.

Fear not. Our company has the plumbing technology to bust through any of these problems. If drain snaking is not a viable option, we can hydro-jet our way through any drain clog at any time of day.

We even offer largely discounted rates for property management companies to make our affordable prices even more enticing.

Call Drain Help now at 1-844-372-4643 to schedule a drain cleaning service. We offer free quotes!