Drain Help 12 Month Warranty Plan!

Why choose our warranty plan?

Simplest answer ever! Home warranty companies will NOT GUARANTEE you a same day service call. They will charge you over $55 a service call. They will not approve things like cameras and hydro jetting right away unless a few plumbers were not able to clear your drain by snaking it first. Plumbing insurance companies will not give you an UNLIMITED amount of service calls per year. The most popular plumbing insurance company out there only gives you 2 calls per year, what a joke!

Drain warranty for homes in San Diego:

  • Clear tub/shower drains
  • Clear kitchen, laundry drains and bath sinks
  • Clear main line or sewer line
  • Clear any toilet(s)
  • Camera inspection of drains and line location

Drain warranty does not apply to:

  • Storm drains or any outside patio drains
  • Any plumbing repairs like leaky pipes or water heater installations
  • Commercial properties


  • Service will be provided 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • 1-hour service is not guaranteed but same day service is guaranteed.
  • Having or not having a clean out will not make a difference on this warranty.
  • Using a jetter or a snake is up to the technician. Sometimes using no machine to clear a drain is possible and acceptable. If drain cannot be cleared due to broken pipe, roots, or any other reason, technician will provide customer with an estimate to fix the problem and customer will be entitled to 20 percent off any repair outside of the warranty coverage.
  • Warranty will be void on the day it expires. No exceptions.
  • First service charge may not be used towards warranty price. There is a 15 day waiting period before being able to use this warranty.
  • Refunds will not be given simply because the customer did not need a plumber during the year of the warranty. The warranty is meant to provide peace of mind and huge savings.
  • There is a $30 deductible per call which will covers our gas for the trip.
  • The number of calls per year are unlimited – there are no limits on how many times a customer can use this service.
  • Warranty valid for one home – additional homes will need their own warranty plan.

Only $585 for one year

(same as $48.75 per month)

No monthly payments – payment must be made upfront.
Warranty expires 1 year after the start date. Start date will be 15 days after payment is made.

Fill out the form below to purchase a warranty electronically, or click here for a hard copy.

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Warranty Plan

By submitting this form, you authorize a one-time payment of $585 and agree the service will begin 15 days after payment is made. You will receive con rmation via e-mail. If you wish to pay by check mail payment to 1308 N. Magnolia Ave #H, El Cajon, CA 92020 and wait for con rmation of receipt. There are no cancellation refunds for this warranty.