San Diego and Los Angeles Drain Flies Services

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How to Kill Drain Flies is here to help with any drain flies need you may have if you are in San Diego or Los Angeles County. One of the main reasons you will have those annoying drain flies in your home are unmaintained pipes. You will notice that most of these drain flies can be seen in your kitchen sink or bath sink. That is because these places are prone to gathering bacteria that generally comes from your mouth, hands, hair, food or grease. For example, food accumulates in your kitchen sink and creates bacteria that creates drain flies. One way to know if your pipe needs a good cleaning, is when you start smelling sewage or any heavy smell coming from your pipe. At this point your pipe has build up (gunk) and you may need to hydro jet your drain. A roto rooter will not be the best way to get rid of drain flies or of a pipe full of build up.

If you have tried to get rid of the flies yourself with no luck, give us a call. You may need our jetting service to fully clean your vent line from the roof. Yes we do work on the roof, unlike many other plumbers.

Our trained drain techs are always a call away. We work 24 hours a day 365 days a year to get rid of your drain flies. But really there is no job too small or too big for the experts at Drain Help. Don’t be afraid to call us to auger or to fix or unclog your toilet or to repipe your entire home. For many jobs we can use a drain snake or a hydrojetter. If you need more info read our reviews here. The great thing about having a reliable plumber is that it is better to have one and not need one, than to need one and not have one.

Drain Flies in or around your home or business can be a very stressful situation. Contact DrainHelp today and let us set your mind at ease. Call at (844) 372-4643 we offer no trip charge and superior service.