San Diego and Los Angeles Drain Cleaning Services

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Drain Cleaning Services in San Diego, CA is the #1 company in San Diego, Los Angeles and the surrounding communities when it comes to providing highly affordable and effective drain cleaning services. Offering $77 dollar drain cleanings, 7 days a week to all of our valued customers, our specialists are here to ensure that even the most stubborn clogs will be removed. Blockages in sewer lines and drain pipes can occur for a number of reasons, whether from hair, grease, paper products, lime scale buildup, or even tree roots that have broken into your system looking for an available water supply. When this happens you need the help of licensed professionals who can quickly solve your problem. If drain cleaning is not performed right away you could be facing some serious consequences. Regularly scheduled drain cleanings will also help to make your piping systems last longer, ensuring the safety and convenience that comes with optimally functioning plumbing. To read reviews from other customers in your area on our outstanding services, click here.

What are some signs that you need professional drain cleaning services?

Our professional services are guaranteed to clear away even the toughest clogs from your drains, pipes, and sewer lines, restoring the complete operation of these vital systems. You may notice that you need our expert cleaning services if you spot visible debris when looking into the drain or when you notice standing water in a sink, tub, or shower basin. If you only have a partial clog water may take a long time clear away, with a full clog your water level will not decline at all. Instances where clogs keep occurring even after repeated attempts to clear them will require the need for our assistance.

Multiple clogs throughout your property or a foul smell emanating from your drains could indicate a major blockage deep within your main sewer line, which will need to be taken care of immediately to avoid a hazardous backup in your home. Flooding can also occur if drain clogs are not resolved in a timely fashion. Clogs can be present in your toilets as well, and they may be sluggish to flush or will stop working altogether. For the service you need at the price you deserve get in touch with the specialists at

What are some benefits of regular and timely cleanings?

Some of our customers will contact us when their drains and pipes are completely clogged and are no longer able to be used. However, others will schedule regular drain cleaning services in order to fully circumvent this problem. The fact is that clogs may begin to form before you notice visible signs, and the clog can grow in size until it becomes a major plumbing emergency. With regular and timely drain cleanings, the forming clog is entirely removed. This eliminates any potential complications like broken pipes, flooding, and sewage backups and will also keep your plumbing systems in great working condition. A clog may not seem like a serious problem, but as time moves forward the use of your drains for daily needs will be disrupted, and eventually more hazardous issues will make themselves known.

What are some simple ways to avoid clogs?

While you should contact our professionals to clean your drains regularly, there are also preventative measures that you can follow at home to decrease the risk of clogs from forming. Clogs will begin to develop due to soap, residue, and other harmful deposits accumulating in your pipes, for these cases you will need our professional drain cleaning services to solve the issue. However, other clogs will form due to hair and larger materials flowing into your drains.

Toilet clogs are normally as a result of improper materials being flushed down the bowl, these include but are not limited to paper towels, feminine products, and even certain types of toilet tissue that do not break down easily. Never dispose of non-flushable items in the toilet. Even grease must be poured into a container, which you can then throw in the trash. For those who have small children, make sure they understand to keep toys and other small items away from the drains. Place screens over all your drains, and make sure to clean them out regularly.

At, we understand how inconvenient it can be to deal with a clogged drain,  and that more serious blockages can turn into plumbing emergencies quite quickly. That is why we respond to any issues without delay and offer the most effective services in order to ensure that our customers can continue to use their plumbing features as desired.

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