San Diego’s Crawl Space Inspection and Repair Services

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At our certified contractors will come out and inspect your crawl space free of charge. A thorough examination of your crawl space will help to ensure that your home is clean, properly insulated, and safe. has been proudly crawling in the roughest of crawl spaces throughout San Diego for over ten years now. It is our goal to provide the ultimate in customer service and to make sure that you are completely satisfied with every job we perform.

What are some benefits of crawl space inspections?

Our crawl space maintenance specialists conduct various procedures to turn an otherwise dirty, damp crawl space into an energy-efficient area of the home. Customized waterproofing techniques, moisture barriers, and air sealing partitions are just a few of the ways in which a crawl space can be upgraded.

Homes with dirt floor crawl spaces lose more energy because the ground absorbs heat at a rapid rate. Installing air-tight seals helps to combat this problem. Lowering the humidity will also help to minimize the amount of mold and mildew that grows in these dark environments. This is important for those who suffer from certain allergies or are susceptible to the health hazards of airborne biological particulates.

Why do you need your crawl space inspected?

A crawl space inspection will reveal any type of moisture percolation issue. Even if there is no evidence of a slab leak in your home, moist air eventually condenses, especially in the winter. These wet spots can eventually seep into the surrounding wood framing or sheetrock. Although the electrical conduit may be properly sealed, moist air can still have a negative impact. Wires and conduit can become coated with organically rich soot or dust.

Basement flooding is often the result of a burst pipe located in the crawl space. Quite often, homeowners are unaware of the problem because the water pressure from faucets remains steady. However, a slow leak of this type can eventually cause severe structural damage.

How can excess humidity affect your home?

High levels of humidity in your crawl space encourage the growth of bacteria and mold. Organisms begin to flourish in wood framing or even in coated sheetrock that has become dampened. Eventually, the air movement caused by fluctuating sub-floor temperatures can allow organically rich vapor to travel to all corners of your property’s interior.

In much the same way that termites slowly degrade a structure’s overall integrity, damp framing can result in slow settling of the home. The areas around supporting walls are especially vulnerable to instability.