San Diego Cleanout Installation Service

What is a clean out?

A clean out is what the plumber will use to access the clogged drain. Clean outs also can go by the name cleanout or clean-out. If you have a proper clean out outside your home for example for your kitchen clog, it will look something like the accompanying picture.

If you do not have a clean out for your kitchen clog the plumber or drain tech may need to remove the p-trap below the kitchen sink or go up on your roof and clear the drain from your roof vent. If your clog is in the main sewer line and you do not have a clean out, then the plumber or drain tech may need to pull your toilet for access and then snake the drain through the hole.

You can avoid the extra fees plumbers charge to snake your drain from a non– clean out by simply having one installed. It is actually not as expensive as you would think (sometimes as low as $600!) but either way our drain experts can give you a free estimate to install a clean out in your home in San Diego.

If you would like a clean out installed, please contact us today at 844-372-4643.