San Diego and Los Angeles Burst Pipe Repair Services

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Burst Pipe Repair Plumber San Diego

A burst pipe can wreak havoc on a home or building. Although, many of the causes of burst pipes can be prevented by following the instructions given by the knowledgeable plumbers at In certain instances a ruptured pipe can be hard to detect before a more serious problem occurs, which is why we aim to inform our customers on the telltale signs that your pipes are in need of service.

When an issue arises, big or small, is here to offer our customers throughout San Diego and the Los Angeles communities only the best when it comes to repairing a burst pipe. We also provide 24/7 emergency care, because we understand that some problems just can’t wait. To see what your neighbors are saying about our outstanding services, click here.

What causes burst pipes?

  • Freezing: The number one cause of a pipe burst is freezing temperatures. When water inside of the line freezes and expands it will put pressure on the inside of the pipe causing it to break. The copper or plastic that most pipes are made of are not invincible and can only stand so much pressure. These types of breaks are most likely to occur in joints or the middle of pipes that are not properly insulated.
  • Puncture or structural damage: Your pipes could be damaged during a home renovation project or the structure of your property is compromised in any way. It is important determine the location of your plumbing before the start of any major construction job.

How can I avoid burst pipes?

Many burst pipes can be avoided with proper maintenance and knowledge of the home’s plumbing structure. One way to avoid this problem is to insulate outside taps and pipes making sure to cover all joints and bends in the plumbing. If the climates in basements and crawl spaces are not properly controlled during colder weather it could lead to damaging consequences. During the winter it is important to keep your water temperature warm and leave your faucets running at a trickle to circumvent this serious issue. Making sure that your plumbing systems are inspected regularly will additionally help to prevent this destructive problem.

How do professionals repair burst pipes?

If you have a burst pipe you need to call our licensed plumbing experts immediately. They will first turn off the water to your property if you have not already done so. Professional steps will then be taken to isolate the damaged area. Afterwards, the broken section will be removed using a pipe cutter. We will measure and fit a new section of pipe and solder it into place. From there we will insulate any areas that may be exposed to freezing temperatures check for additional issues with your system.

A burst pipe in or around your home can be a very stressful situation. Contact DrainHelp today and let us set your mind at ease. Call at (844) 372-4643 we offer no trip charge and superior service.