Bidet Attachment Installation Pricing & Details

Full-Service Bidet Attachment Pricing & Details

  • Includes Boss Bidet BOLD bidet attachment
  • Includes lifetime warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on labor
  • 24/7 installation service
  • Service takes only 30 minutes to complete

Bidet Attachment Installation Only Pricing & Details

  • $125 for installation of any bidet attachment
  • Includes 1-year warranty on labor
  • 24/7 installation service
  • Service takes only 30 minutes to complete


Bidet Benefits & Features

  • Toilet clog prevention
  • More hygienic and faster than toilet paper
  • Save hundreds of dollars a year
  • Self-Cleaning designs
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Fully reversible modifications
  • Takes 15 minutes to install
  • Can help persons with poor mobility
  • Can help decrease hemorrhoid discomfort


Boss Bidet Luxury Bidet Attachment

Boss Bidet BOLD Bidet Attachment

What Is a Bidet Attachment?

Bidet attachments come in all shapes and sizes to fit just about any non-commercial toilet out there. Attachments come in two types. The first type is designed to fit under your toilet seat. The second type is integrated into a toilet seat that will replace your current seat. Both types use the water supply hose going to and from your toilet to operate. They can be installed in about 15 minutes without any proper plumbing training. Most bidet attachments are made of durable plastic and metal connections. There are non-electric designs and electrical designs. Bidet attachments can come with a range of functionality.

Some simply clean your rear. Others will cleanse both your behind and front. Pricier units will offer heated water and air drying functionality. Your bidet may even sing you a song, depending on the unit. The majority of models will come with convenient self-cleaning designs with enclosures to protect the nozzles. Contrary to popular belief, the bidet nozzles do not project out toward you. They pop out downward when activated, spraying up at an angle to clean.

Many Americans are unaware of bidet attachments and how affordable they can be. The average price for bidet attachments is $50. Units can go up to the thousands, but most don’t break $100. They can be bought on Amazon or Ebay, but you will be hard pressed to find one in a store near you.

Why Should You Get a Bidet?

If fecal matter got on your hand, would you simply wipe it off with toilet paper?

Absolutely not.

Then why treat any other part of your body differently? Bidet attachments are more hygienic than toilet paper in every way. If they’re used properly, you’ll only be wiping off water and not waste. Your hands will never be close to fecal matter. This also means other people’s hands will be cleaner too, which is important when considering food handling safety at home or in restaurants.

Bidets Save Money!

A family of four can spend hundreds of dollars a year on toilet paper alone. A typical single family home water bill can add up anywhere from $30 to $100 in San Diego. Toilet flushing takes up a modest amount of that bill, but over the course of a year, a family of four could save upwards of $50 dollars from not having to flush as much. Actual savings depend on bathroom behaviors and could be quite a bit more or less.

Then there’s the issue of toilet clogs. A snaking job by a licensed plumber can start as low as $70 dollars but can go up to $200 or more if you want a camera inspection. Bidets can easily prevent toilet clogs caused by toilet paper and flushable wipes. Most plumbing companies do not advertise bidet installations because it can cost them customers. We realize this reality, but we are willing to bear the cost to help the San Diego community on a greater level.

Bidet Attachments Are Eco-Friendly

The average toilet tank will flush about 1.5 gallons. The average person will flush about 10 times per day. When you multiply this number by San Diego’s population of 3.3 million you get 33,000,000 million flushes per day, which takes up 49,500,000 million gallons of water. This amounts to 18,067,500,000 billion gallons of water being flushed down the drain every year by San Diegans. Bidet attachments could cut down this staggering amount of water usage by up to 30%. With water conservation being Southern California’s largest looming ecological problem, there is very little reason not to consider bidet attachments as a part of the solution.

The production of toilet paper also generates 88,000,000 lbs of greenhouse gases a year. An additional 225,000,000 gallons of water are used every year to create the toilet paper that will eventually end up going down the drain. Lastly, hundreds of thousands of trees are also chewed through every year to support America’s toilet paper habit.

How to Use a Bidet Attachment

Using a bidet attachment can be as simple as turning a knob. A single nozzle bidet without any extra features will have just one knob or control to adjust spray pressure. A dual nozzle design will have controls that adjust the spray for rear and front cleansing. If your attachment does not have a defined self-cleaning control, then the lowest possible setting will likely act as the self-cleaning function.

We actually do not recommend using heated sprays other than to correct the temperature of extremely cold water. Using hot water on your behind can cause irritation much like how hot water can cause skin dryness on frequently washed hands. Ambient room temperature water is ideal for comfort and rectal health. However, if you purchased a bidet with temperature controls, it will have a separate knob or lever for such functionality.

After spraying, a few sheets of toilet paper are all that is needed to dry off. If your bidet is not completely cleaning you, then you will likely need to adjust the water pressure higher and modify your positioning on the toilet. Leaving the spray on for longer may also help. Bidets are child friendly, but it is recommended that parents properly educate their children on bidet operation before letting them use one. The positioning of the bidet attachment may also need to be changed to accommodate children as well.

How To Pick a Bidet Attachment

There are quite a few bidet attachments to choose from these days. How do you know which one will be right for you? For starters, an attachment will need to fit your toilet or it cannot be installed. There are generally two types of toilets used in America today, which are one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets. If you have a one-piece toilet, you will want to pick a bidet attachment that claims to be compatible with one-piece toilets. Bidet attachments that have been integrated into a toilet seat are usually compatible with one and two-piece toilets. However, attachments that are designed to be placed under existing toilet seats will work mostly with two-piece toilets. They will usually have adjustable brackets for optimal positioning.

Once you have decided which basic design will work for your toilet, you can start thinking about all the fun features that you may want. There are units with single and dual nozzle sprays. One for the behind and one for feminine washes. Single nozzle bidets will be for cleansing your behind only. Most bidets come with self-cleaning features built into the nozzles.

Next, you will be asking yourself whether you should spring for an electric bidet with cool features like air drying and remote control functionality. If you have an electrical socket nearby, then totally go for it! Electric bidet attachments are pricier and technically have more parts that could fail, but a good warranty will make it worth it. No matter the bidet type, getting all metal connections is a must. If an attachment does not come with a metal braided hose and a metal T-connecter then you will want to buy said parts. Plastic connections tend to leak or break.

How to Install a Bidet Attachment

To install a bidet attachment you will want to first turn the water off to your toilet. To do so, just turn the water shutoff valve on your wall next your toilet to the off position. If you have a quarter turn compression valve, simply turn the valve right until it stops. It will only take a 1/4 of a turn. If you have a multi-turn valve, turn it to the right multiple times until it stops turning. You will likely hear a corresponding sound in your lines verifying that the supply has been shut off.

The next step is to flush your toilet until all the water in the tank has been emptied. Then you will want to screw on all the connections to your bidet before putting it on your toilet for convenience. Once the connections are in place, you can unscrew your toilet seat with a Phillips screw driver. Most attachments come with replacement screws and fasteners, but you will want to double check before starting an installation. Position the bidet attachment so that it is perfectly centered and as far back as it can go against the bowl. Then place the seat over the attachment and screw the seat back in through the bracket holes.

Once installation is complete you may need to loosen the screws a bit to reposition the attachment for proper alignment. After positioning the seat, get a small bucket and place it under the connection where the hose connects to the bottom of the tank. When you unscrew the connection with an adjustable wrench some water may come out. Unscrew the water supply hose from the water shutoff valve and screw in the T-connector to the tank hose connection and then do the same for the connection for the shutoff valve. Make sure all of your connections are snug before turning your water back on.

To test out your bidet, put some plastic wrap over the toilet seat and let the bidet run for a minute. If there are not leaks from any of the connections you are all set! Make sure to check your connections for leaks over the next few days. If a leak occurs, it will likely happen in the first week. Usually a leak happens because a connection was not tightened properly. However, manufacturer defects could be to blame if that is not the issue.

Bidet Attachment Maintenance Tips

Keeping your bidet clean does not have to be a headache. A simple way to clean your unit in just a few seconds is to put some Clorox or isopropyl alcohol in a small spray bottle and mist the nozzles and surrounding areas. Then just turn on the self-cleaning function and you’re done! Once every two months or so you will want to unscrew your attachment from under the toilet seat to clean hard to reach areas. Many units come with nozzle enclosures to mitigate dirtiness.

Go bidet today San Diego! Help us make the city a greener and healthier place to live by getting a bidet attachment installed in your residential or commercial bathroom. Drain Help operates 24/7, give us a call at 844-372-4643 or schedule an appointment online anytime.