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How much does sewer line repair cost?

Factors that affect repair costs:

  • Sewer Line Length
  • Repair Method (Repipe vs Trenchless)
  • Property Type (Residential vs Commercial)
  • Pipe Material Used
  • Amount of Damage Done

The costs of sewer line repair can usually range anywhere between $1000 to $30,000 for residential homes. However, the factors outlined above will determine the overall price. Luckily, there are a few ways to lower the costs:                                                                                                           

Save money with camera inspections:

The length of the line that needs repair will affect the price more than anything else. This critical factor is why getting a video camera inspection can save you large amounts money and time. An inspection will allow the plumber to locate the area of concern in an exact manner. This will usually mean less digging, saving you thousands of dollars. 

Picking the right method:

Choosing between repiping and trenchless pipe repair can be hard. The type of pipe damage you have will ultimately decide which repair method will be more viable and affordable. If your line has joints or has collapsed, replacing it completely with repiping will likely be the best solution. Trenchless sewer repair will often be an affordable and viable choice when the line is still intact. Drain Help provides both services so that our customers always have the most cost-effective options available to them.

You can always get the best price with our Sewer Repair Best Price Guarantee!

When should you get drain cleaning done?

Signs to look out for:

  • Frequent Clogs
  • Weak Flushes
  • Slow Draining Water
  • Smelly Odors
  • Backflow

The most common sign that your house needs professional drain cleaning is recurring drain clogs. Drain backflow, especially in multiple places, also indicates a serious clog. Odors coming from your sinks often means hydro-jetting is needed. Additionally, weak flushes and slow draining water can be annoying signs of clogs that are caused by root problems in your pipes. 

Power drain snaking and hydro-jetting are the main ways our technicians clean and clear plumbing systems. Hydro-jetting is the best way to treat systemic clogging and root issues. This process involves snaking a pressurized hose that shoots out powerful water jets through your pipes. To learn how using hydro-jets can save you money on drain cleaning, please visit our service page today!

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