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At Drain Help we provide professional Kensington plumbing services to both residential and commercial property owners throughout Kensington and the surrounding communities. Our family-owned business has highly qualified specialists who will arrive promptly for installations, repairs, maintenance inspections, as well as 24/7 emergency services. We never charge an extra fee for emergency calls on holidays, weekends, or after hours. Our number one goal is to establish customer relationships that will last a lifetime, and we achieve this by offering optimum services at unbeatable prices.

When do you need your drains cleaned?

Signs to look out for:

  • Frequent Clogs
  • Weak Flushes
  • Slow Draining Water
  • Smelly Odors
  • Backflow

A buildup of debris such as food, hair, and soap in your drains can lead to a tangled mess that prevents water from flowing down a drain properly. Our customers may notice that their fixtures are draining incredibly slow or start to make gurgling sounds as they clear out. In some cases, debris deep inside the drainage system will float back into a bathtub or sink, creating a potentially hazardous situation.

Additionally, drains with a buildup of debris might release a foul odor into your property. A building’s drainage system leads to pipes under the ground outside where a clog causes problems such as standing water that damages patios and foundations. Our expert plumbers use state-of-the-art video inspection equipment to locate the blockage, allowing them to determine the most effective course of repair. Sometimes we find clogs made of bathroom tissue combined with invasive tree roots and grease that can only be solved through hydro-jetting. if you are experiencing any issues our drain experts are here to help.

What causes garbage disposal problems?

Our customers love the convenience of having a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink, but the appliances occasionally run into problems. Many of the problems are caused by putting the wrong items into the unit. Food debris such as eggshells and vegetable peelings are the typical items that cause a clog in a garbage disposal drain. Keeping a list of foods to avoid placing in your system is a great way to circumvent potential issues. However, some problems are simply unavoidable and will require the need for our certified plumbers. If your garbage disposal shuts down in the middle of grinding up debris, we strongly advise our customers to never place their hands into the unit and contact our office for assistance.

What are 5 benefits of hydro-jetting services?

  • Prevents lawn damage: With modern equipment, our plumbers can find the location of a clog in underground pipes to avoid extensive excavation.
  • Meet health regulations: Businesses such as restaurants must have drains that empty rapidly in order to meet local health codes concerning food preparation.
  • Preventing drain damage: Hydrojetting drains removes debris that can cause materials to degrade faster, leading to an expensive plumbing repair.
  • Does not use chemicals: Instead of using dangerous chemicals to dislodge clogs, hydrojetting uses pure water that causes no harm to your system, water supply, or the environment.
  • Fast process: The hydro-jetting process is completed in one service call that only requires a few hours.

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